Upon Oanda's Wing.jpg

Upon Oanda's Wing

by Gary Marks


Upon Oanda's Wing (1977) was my second recording, which I competed at the age of 26. This was recorded with the great pianist Art Lande.

Art Lande's band, Rubisa Patrol, played on Oanda along with Art. The band included Bill Douglass, Kurt Wortman, and Mark Isham.

Jazz Magazine's W. Patrick Hinely wrote:

". . . A flow chart of 'Upon Oanda's Wing' might closely resemble some of Milton Nasciemento's EMI albums, which still serve as a paragon for anyone trying to be equally convincing across the board, from tight vocals and arrangements, to wide open instrumental playing."

An Upon Oanda's Wing review in 2012 by Stella Records / Japan:

"Gary Marks is a songwriter with both brilliance and charm. We consider both Gathering and Upon Oanda's Wing folk-rock-jazz masterpieces and are happy to see them re-released in 2006 and 2011 respectively. Two albums from over thirty years ago have gracefully withstood the test of time. Gary Marks' songwriting style is poetic and original. As far as the band members, each participant shows great range of style, and draws freely from the depth and brilliance of the songs themselves."