Marks Lyric Quotes

All that’s left for us in the end is a looking glass.
All that we can ever know of love and of the loneliness.
The story unfolds by holding up the looking glass.
What can we see?
— Looking Glass 1988
All the love we take and hide away
we swear does not get lost it’s just all being saved
but love has to be remade every day or it’s over.
— The Love We Take 1988
Choose your memories very carefully.
They’re the crossbeams of the world you’re living in.
They frame and form who you’re bound to be.
— Crossbeam 2019
First snowfall, may as well store away the bicycles,
and all the lonelies asking for a quick ending,
trudging along through the dirty sludge,
their fingers iced and achy,
thank God I can’t remember
too much more of what it was like.
— First Snowfall 1972
First you leave the past behind.
Time to free our minds from merely thinking.
Clouds will melt away, nothing left to say
Just feel good in open space.
— Signs 2009
Floating away
on an ocean of time,
swept off to distant lands.
No way home,
just let go
and take in what you can.
— Sky's Lullaby 1996
For every man who still can feel
a million more think thoughts are what is real,
and they follow them.
— Every Man 1992
Hearts are the logic of man,
while minds scream all they can.
Shouts are bound to fall
but a whisper can change the world.
— A Whisper Can Change the World 2006
In times when we were together
her feelings were like a fire,
her a hair a windy waterfall of desire.
A magic mood of circles and caring.
Sleepy and warm in the sweet drifting air.
Moving far past all memories.
Her eyes a window, a mirror, a foggy circle of sea.
— Seasons 1970
I’m a spirit with the soul of a windblown cloud.
And I’m sure to come to rest
if I only remember now to know why.
Got to remember to know why...
— Thoughts of Why 1978
I’m not at war with any place I’ve been
Each point in time is like a skeleton key.
— Crossbeam 2019
In the sun that shines I feel just energy,
the grace to be
simply a joyous feeling
without which the search doesn’t mean a thing.
— The Grace to Be 1978
I often thought of stopping thought
But the thought would merely cross my mind.
I used to think “I am what I think,”
But the more I thought about it
It just didn’t seem right.
I finally screamed, “Please leave me alone,”
But they told me I’ve been haunted by my past too long
and misery loves company.
— Misery Loves Company 1990
Leaves drifting apart to be alone.
A sacrifice to help the soul to try and grow.
— Autumn Eyes 1972
Like a drunk it weaves – change steps in,
ever untimely,
tears the stage apart, turns around where we’re seated.
Reeling in the dark we run, different directions,
blaming each other for the fear inside.
— Wild Side of the Dawn 1992
Listen, something’s been missing for a very long time.
I keep trying to find myself through a stranger’s mind.
I keep hearing stories I don’t quite believe in.
I keep living out these dreams that pin my life in.
— The Real World 1988
Maybe it was just the hatred at every door.
The old ones on the street wondering what life was for.
Young ones like Cain himself, their minds tied up in knots.
I guess it never stops.
— Never Stops 1988
Maybe I’ve learned some things out here.
So much of our own fate we choose.
And there’s no road I’ve seen
where anyone outruns the truth.
— Rules of the Road 1988
On the outside
where reason dissolves with space and time
there are no answers there
that need questions to analyze the sky.
— The Grace to Be 1978
Promises of perfect worlds all to come tomorrow.
A heaven synthesized in labs but lord knows who’ll be God.
— Self-Reflections 1978
Reason is a nightmare.
Logic’s a pitiful game
if every thought erases the joy
while mocking the innocent things.
— New Life 2009
So on we go,
where our lives will take us
darkness is sure to fall and fall away.
Just one thing left to say - -
baby I wish you well,
I wish you love someday, in time.
— Only Time Can Tell 1982
Sometimes I wonder if we’re growing or we’re ending.
Does it all depend upon the messages we’re sending
— is that what’s true?
— If All They Said Was True 1992
There are times I’m the clouds
and times I’m the sun
but it always just depends upon the afterglow
and that’s when I look to you.
— Alpenglow 1976
There shines throughout
the love that reason only talks about
as some vague destiny.
Some eyes perceive it as truth some as God
and some feel free.
— The Grace to Be 1978
Try and try
to talk the sky out of times to rain.
But skies tumble on
no one knows
why all the colors change.
— Sky's Lullaby 1996
Victory has slipped away.
The best laid plans have laid you again.
— Hideaway 1992
Walk away from memories
if they don’t build bridges
to where you want to be.
— Turn 2009
We all know we’re doing it
as we tear down this place we’re in.
See it in board rooms as they divide their share of it.
See it in classroom books with little lies built in.
See fathers playing god,
when children sin, they’re shocked.
I guess it never stops.
— Never Stops 1988
When you wander wear your armor
There are always those who’ll try to steal your soul.
Not all visions lead you home.
— Crossbeam 2019
Why wait for the perfect time,
for the perfect within ourselves,
why wait so long to give and take love?
— The Love We Take 1988