Novels by Gary Marks


Historical Fiction

The Dance in the Diamond Sky

1988: Historical / Political / Coming of Age — 322 pages

The names of the characters in this story have not been changed to protect the innocent. They protected their own innocence.

An amazing book, beautifully written, about a critical time in our country’s history. Though this coming of age tale is about a time decades removed, The Dance and the Diamond Sky generates wisdom that directly reflects upon the internal and external struggles we face today. There are no cliches here. There is humor, plenty of drama, and a great ending. A story that needed to be written finally was. . . .
— Sherry Robb, Robb Literary, Los Angeles, CA

Orbiting Chaos.jpg

Metaphysical Fiction

Orbiting Chaos

2007: Psychological / Romance / Metaphysical — 153 pages

Various coincidences conspire to connect the lives of Gabriel and Laney, two young social misfits. A beach town, birds in flight, and a desperate need to run from the past take them to unexpected places, but eventually lead them to the one place they were meant to be all along.

Fascinating story and characters with so much heart.
— Tessa Woodward -- Harper Collins

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Metaphysical Science Fiction


2019 — Psychological / Metaphysical / Surreal 98 pages

A young chemist invents a drug that could lead to world peace. In lab experiments it transports the mind to a place of enlightenment. The pill will cost pennies to make. The world is ready to be changed. There’s only thing standing in the way -- humans. 


Romantic Drama

Somewhere Beautiful

2009: Coming of Age — 126 pages

A Generation "iY" teenager tries to find his way in the world. A trip to Paris, the girl he meets there, and a death-defying event, alter his perceptions of the world and his place in it.

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Romantic Drama

Journey Through the Riotous Dark

2010: Psychological — 114 pages

The story centers around the mysterious Clair Kinsley - if that's even her real name. She's funny, she's wild, and she loves to create illusions. Shannon thinks he's in love, he thinks he can find out the truth about her. But Clair teaches him things that are more powerful than the truth, and more important than the truth. And his life will change forever.


Romantic Drama


2007: Music business — 135 pages

A story of superstardom written from the viewpoint of a young songwriter caught in the middle.

Emily_s Game.jpg

Romantic Drama

Emily’s Game

2016: Money / Business Empire — 102 pages

Jack Hampton found the perfect wife. Her only imperfection was that she kept secrets from time to time. They were harmless secrets. Except one.

When Emily gets entangled in her father's three billion dollar investment fraud she has to choose between her husband, her father, or create a secret way to save them both.


Socio-Political Sci Fi

Autobiography of an AI 

2016 — Political / Metaphysical 72 pages

How does a laboratory-made conscious being react to very human circumstances, like national politics, romance, and personal tragedy? What is consciousness, and is it of any real value? When an AI searches for meaning, where does it lead? Ion Compass explores the world, and tells his life story through his artificial eyes and mind.

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Modern Fiction

From the Farthest Places

2018 / Modern Psychological Fiction — 77 pages

An empty nester couple is torn apart while trying to understand the eccentric life and mind of their brilliant college-aged daughter.

One Wild True Moment Cover.jpeg

Surreal Humor

One Wild True Moment

2018 — 55 pages

A tale of chaos and survival in Seattle's hi-tech jungle. And one moment of something real.

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Surreal Humor

My Name Was Don

2016 — 52 pages

The day finally arrives when Don's two realities -- one being a world of pure fantasy -- merge into a strangely beautiful disaster. 


Surreal Humor

Rain Dreams

2012: Romantic / Coming of Age — 88 pages

Rain Dreams - is a story about two young seekers of adventure. But as they drive away from their dreary small town life they run into headwinds, windows, water in various forms, and an ex-cop / Irish detective dead set on chasing them down.

Beyond Henry.jpg

Surreal Humor

Beyond Henry

2017: Romantic / Psychological — 41 pages

This story is not an attempt to define love. And it's not about making good decisions at the right time. Accidents happen. Things get complicated. In fact, it gets to the point where literally everything having to do with Henry's life is beyond Henry.

Shelby_s River Cover.jpg

Surreal Humor

Shelby’s River

2016 — 54 pages

In Shelby's River, love is never quite love, and potential revelations fall apart just before their messages become clear. Everything in Shelby's life flows just beyond his reach until he comes to the river's edge and stumbles into pure madness and a moment of peace. 

WOW Cover.jpg

Surreal Humor


2013: Metaphysical — 114 pages

Who is Zolar, and why should you be listening to him right now? . . . Two kids start an Internet scam only to find out they may have been telling the truth all along.

The Fall of Eros.jpg

Early Works

The Fall of Eros

1990: Fictitious Travel Journal — 45 pages

A sometimes comic, sometimes angst-ridden commentary about love and the times we live in, using a vacation to Greece as the backdrop.


Early Works

Timshel’s Choice

1968: Sci-Fi / Fantasy — 36 pages

In a world where even death is an illusion, a brave few dare to question and to learn.

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