In 2019 Gary wrote and published four new novels, (T)here, Lilly's Last Words, One Wild True Moment, and The Book of Is.

Gary also released two "best of" CDs — Playlist, 1994-2014. And a socio-political retrospective — I Guess It Never Stops

A CD of new original songs is in the works, currently called, Snapshots. Release date 2020.


Gary wrote and published a new novel, From the Farthest Places.


In 2017, Gary wrote and published his new novel, Beyond Henry.


In 2016, Gary published four new novels - Autobiography of an AI, My Name Was Don, Emily's Game, and Shelby's River.

Early in 2016 P-Vine Records released the Gary Marks album, Gathering, in Japan and Asia. P-Vine Records is an independent record label started by Blues Interactions, Inc., established in 1975.


In the summer of 2015 Gary agreed to be part of a compilation record released by Numero Group in Chicago.


Gary Marks spent most of 2014 revising and refining his eleven previous novels, all now currently available on Amazon.


The spring of 2013 saw the release of two separate Gary Marks recordings: 

His new rock CD, No Turning Back, was released world-wide.

And his third album from 1977, Thoughts of Why, was re-released in Asia by Stella Records

See the "No Turning Back" Press Release


In 2012 Gary's second recording from 1977, Upon Oanda's Wing, was re-released in Japan and other parts of Asia by Stella Records. (Gary's first record, "Gathering," was re-released in Europe in 2007 on the Kindred Spirits label.)

Gary also published his 10th novel, Rain Dreams.